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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sand and Sunshine

Jordynne is content to play for a long time with her bucket full of water.

The sky was as a perfect blue causing a blue sea that sparkled in the sunshine.


Love the feel of the sand on my feet again.

Breezes from the sea blow softly through Jordynne's hair.

Pepper Park Beach



At the Manatee Center

Looking for the Manatees

Where are they?

We found them!

We went to Ft Pierce to go to the Farmer's Market. We got authentic Jamaican and Mexican food. The Jerk chicken was the best
They are really slow and lazy as they move around. They put their noses up briefly to get air every few minutes.

After visiting the Farmer's Market we went on to Pepper Park Beach to play.

Jordynne had such a good time using her elephant sprinkle can. She would laugh and laugh as she sprinkled our feet and even footprints in the sand.

Sweetest little girl playing on the beach.


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