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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Last Snowfall Of The Year-2012

An early morning walk, while snow softly falls energizes my spirit. A red birdhouse in my sleeping flower garden adds burst of color amid the brown, dry branches, sprigs, and leaves.

A plank and log bench rests quietly under the rustling leaves of the small oak in my front yard.

Huge flakes fall quietly over the hills of our pasture.
Snow blanketing the cedar boughs.
Around the bend and down the road, snow covers the way.
Under my red bud, the feeder hangs, inviting cardinals, snowbirds, woodpeckers, jays, and even the sparrows to a meal of sunflower seeds.
Tony, looks up at my feathered friends, just before I shoo him into the house, where he sits in the window and longs for just a chance to get one of my birds. Bad Cat!
My garden is quite behind the gate. My hoe is still, leaning against the fence.

Winter calves in their shaggy coats to keep them warm against the snow.

Cattle at the gate waiting for Larry to start the tractor and bring them a new bale of hay.
Our old barn.

Waiting for summer, our Adirondack chairs sit empty. No glass of ice-tea sits on their arms, just a covering of white.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Chocolate Chip Pancakes



100_2653Jordynnes favorite breakfast.
Jordynne loves pieces that have the most chips in them!
“I’m done, Nana!”

I worked on this post some before Jordynne and Becca moved to Florida but never got it ready for my blog. It is so cute. Hope you enjoyed it. I miss making chocolate chip pancakes for her. Plan to do it over Christmas.

Want To Know What I Think??? Maybe Not! Maybe Yes!!!

When I started this blog I thought I would mostly blog about the sweetest granddaughter ever. But, I warned you with my first post that I might let you know where I stand morally and politically.
So today is the day I decided I would let you know what I think!!!!
Most people, that I am around probably think I am a quite little mouse, that lets my very vocal husband do the talking for me. Most of time that is true. But, I have a MIND  of my own and a heart that I listen too. I have deep feeling about right and wrong. Truth and Lies. And I am ready to voice my thoughts. I know that I have many friends on the net that have opinions and many times I just let your thoughts go unresponded to out of respect for your rights as Americans to think and believe what you want. But, today I have decided that I can state what I believe and what I think being an American citizen allows me to know and think. Today many of my friends may delete me as their friend because of what I will say. Remember, though, I have let you say what you believe and I did not respond in the rude negative way. Please allow me the liberty to do the same. Give the courtesy to me, read this and listen to my heart. If you respond please be kind. Thank you!
As I listen to the local and world news today, a eruption of my thoughts came spewing out of my heart. I am sickened by the way that our President has totally ignored the murder and treatment of your ambassador to Lybia with such flippant disregard. I have watched the way he was dragged through the streets like an animal. Like trash. He asked for help and our President did so know that he had asked. He was brushed off! Those protecting him had rubber bullets for God sake! This murder was an act of war against our Country!!!! While this was going on Our President was campaigning! Worrying about being re-elected when he was not even doing what our President's main job is- to protect our Country! This makes me sick physically! Try to watch the video that the murders made? Read the comments that people made. It will make you sick too. He was an American, who was serving his country. A country he loved and put himself in harms way for. Do we not protect our countrymen?? What has become of the country that I love.
When I stand and listen to our national anthem tears run down my face. I fear for my granddaughter, that she will never have the opportunity to live in a free country as I have known. I believe with my whole heart that this President does not love America. That he is in this position so that he can help to take away our rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. He does not follow the Constitution!!! Read it!! If you think he does!! I feel that soon we will be a Socialist Country. I do not believe that the government should make sure that everyone get equal rights. IT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENTS JOB TO GIVE A EQUAL PLAYING FIELD!!!! God gives these rights, Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness. The governments has nothing to do with it! Americans have always worked to improve their own lives. If you don't work you don't succeed. Why should the money I earn be given to people who don't have ambition to work to make a life for themselves. Read your history, look at it! We are not far from many of the countries in Europe who were Socialist Countries that soon after were Communists countries, without rights, working for the government, and living in poverty. I don't want this for my children and grandchildren. I want to live so that I and they may have the right to Pursue Happiness.
I also want to see a renewal of the minds and hearts of people and mostly of those that call ourselves Christians to believe in the right to have Life. Do we think, that it is okay to murder millions of babies in the name of the Right of the Woman to Choose?? I often think of the babies rights. Does the baby have the right to grow in safety of the womb, to be born and loved by someone. To be able to learn to crawl, toddle, coo, take a first step, have a first tooth, cry to be held, listen to a story, say "no" as a first word, to have a lovey blanket at night, to take a bubble bath, to learn to read, to have a first best friend, the list goes on and on. Every baby is wanted by someone. Someone wants to love them. Why chose murder over life. You might say what about rape? But, the truth is that two wrongs will never make it right. I have never been raped but I have been sexually abused as a girl. So I can image the shame but the baby is not at fault. It is innocent of all guilt. The truth, though is that rape is only in the smallest percentage. Most all abortions are so that an adults life will not be interrupted by a child. God says that every child is a blessing. He says that a man that loves his children and has many is blessed. So to me all children are a blessing. To conclude this thought, a political platform that stands for the right to kill a baby will never get my vote. A president, who voted for the right of the doctor to go ahead and kill the baby after an abortion did not work. So what that mean is the baby is born despite the doctors attempt to kill it in the womb. So think about that! The baby is old enough to survive outside the womb at least for a little while, long enough to attempt to help it live. It is allowed to lay there till it dies or the doctors kill it! Sometimes they put it in the trash can alive. That is MURDER! Our President has also voted for partial birth abortion! That means the baby is pulled backwards out of the womb ( An this is good for the mother). Before the head is allowed to come out the doctor stabs the baby who is alive in the back of the skull. The brains are sucked out of the his head (for research) Then he is delivered to die. Does this make you sick? It should! I often think what if we were to go into a classroom of little kindergartens and ask them if it is right to kill a baby in the mommy's tummy. What do you think they would say? I know? They would say, that is bad! Out of the mouths of babes the truth would come. To kill our children is an evil curse on our country. I know that our founding fathers did not imagine that the Constitution or the Bill of Rights would be interpreted to say this is a RIGHT!
I know that I have said alot. I have said what is in my heart. A picture of my granddaughter is in my mind's eye. I want her to always be safe and happy. I want her to be able to learn, to be able to go to school and on to college. I want her to be able to fall in love and to get married. Everyone has dreams. Everyone should be able to be free to make that journey into life.
I did not post this to tell you how to vote next week. I posted this to speak to your heart. I don't understand why we would vote for a person that stands against the very things our founding father's gave us, LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! REMEMBER THIS WHEN YOU VOTE AND REMEMBER THAT EVERYTHING WE DO WE WILL GIVE AN ACCOUNT TO GOD.
God bless my friends, Tamara

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pure Modesty: His Hem

Pure Modesty: His Hem: Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak. She said to hers...

Friday, April 6, 2012


Its mushroom time again. Larry final found the honey spot! He brought home over four gallons. Yum!
Because of the usually warm temperatures everything is nearly a month ahead. So this is a first for us to have morals at the beginning of April.
I love them rolled in flour and fried in oil and a little butter. Add salt and pepper and you have a delicacy.

Sunny Spring Day

Sunny Day In Spring

I wanted some pictures of Jordynne in her prairie bonnet and the little old fashioned coat that I found in a second hand store. The pictures look like they could have been taken in the 60's when I was a baby. Since today was cool and breezy, it was a good day to put them on. The sun felt good as Jordynne and I spent some time out in the back yard.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Love on the Line

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Warm and breezy. I love hanging clothes on the line on days like this. I especially like to hang up sweet little baby clothes. I remember when my children were little and the same feeling came over me when I hung out a line of little folks attire. It always made my heart smile. Maybe it was the thankfulness of having the children, to dirty up the clothes or just the simple thought of clean little things ready to wear again. So, I took a picture of my granddaughter's clothes fluttering in the breeze. Maybe those that read my blog get that some feeling.A simple life with amazing blessings!

Monday, April 2, 2012

My Thoughts

Starting a blog is a new experience for me. It's lets others see a little more of my heart. So I am a little timid about what I want to accomplish with this blog. I guess time will tell. Hope I will bring blessing and humor to my followers. God Bless your day!