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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Love on the Line

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Warm and breezy. I love hanging clothes on the line on days like this. I especially like to hang up sweet little baby clothes. I remember when my children were little and the same feeling came over me when I hung out a line of little folks attire. It always made my heart smile. Maybe it was the thankfulness of having the children, to dirty up the clothes or just the simple thought of clean little things ready to wear again. So, I took a picture of my granddaughter's clothes fluttering in the breeze. Maybe those that read my blog get that some feeling.A simple life with amazing blessings!


  1. I do, I do! Someone told me once that I would soon tire of folding little baby clothes and three and a half years later I still delight in it! And Mike just finished my clothesline last week and I've had it full ever since! Every little sock, dress, Thomas the Train pillow case, and pair of shorts makes me grateful for my two little people running around me. And today the wash lines full of clean bedding created a great hide and seek place!

    1. Saw your pictures of clothesline and children. There is something about hanging out clothes that calms me. sighh